In Which Evening Activities Are Planned

Henry: I am a mini-panther, see me leap from precipice to precipice with sleek abando—GAAGH!!
[Wrapping himself around the stair banister]
Henry: That wasn’t there, that leaped out and – that didn’t happen.  I am just sitting here.  Move along.
Victor: I am on speed!! I am leaping tall buildings!  I am jumping up and down!! I am throwing up!!! I am eating your toes!!!!!  GAAGH!!
Me: I am opening a bottle of wine.

About Heather Who Lives with Cats

My name is Heather. I live with two cats, Victor and Henry. They talk a lot.

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  1. Love this! I have a PPR cat too….he has similar tendencies ;) So do allof my fosters!!!

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