Allergy Season Arrives

Me:  Victor, have this special treat.
Victor: I don’t like the crunchy middle.  I’ll just spit that out.
Me:  That was a pill that I needed you to take.  Fine, we’ll have to do this the hard way – tilt your head back . . .
Victor:  Unhand me, fiend!!  Bleah, ptoo.
Henry: Look at Victor – his mouth is foaming!
Victor: Pphla, phpla – I’ve been poisoned, phphph!
Henry:  Victor has a big pink foamy beard – he looks like Freaky Santa!
Me: Oh no!  I’m really sorry, but please try to not foam all over the white rug.
Victor:  The. Trust. Is. Gone. phphph

About Heather Who Lives with Cats

My name is Heather. I live with two cats, Victor and Henry. They talk a lot.

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  1. I don’t think Victor feels safe in his own house. How well you named him.

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